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Recipe and Menu Costing – How does it Work?

Tracking exact cost from end products to raw materials is always a challenging endeavor for the fast-paced food service industry. However, highly accurate cost control on all levels is a specialty of Recipe Manager.

Cost control in Recipe Manager happens at the smallest possible level, on a per-unit basis from a single ingredient portion, calculated directly from your inventory purchases. All unit conversions are performed automatically when ingredients (inventory) are added to your recipes. Both the single portion and complete recipe cost is generated for you. A price can be entered for further analysis of your profit margins!

When a recipe is opened, simply access the COSTS tab…


You’ll see a list of ingredients that contribute to this recipe’s cost in the table below. For each ingredient, there is a cost that is tallied into the total recipe cost information at the top of the tab.


Based on the recipe’s “yield” (for example, this recipe yields 55 Orders), the “portion” (for example, each single portion or serving of this recipe equals 9 ounces), and the “num portions” (the total number of portions you can get out of the yield) values will determine exactly what the actual cost numbers are.

Cost values are tracked to the penny by the single portion (in this example, a single 9oz portion of this example jambalaya recipe COSTS the restaurant $0.51) or all portions (in this example, the entire yield of 55 portions COSTS the restaurant exactly $27.98 to produce). From these cost numbers a profit margin can also be derived when a price is entered.

With this kind of complete cost tracking by recipe or portion, you can take it one step further! Cost tracking for an entire menu!

Introducing the Recipe Manager Menu Writer tool…


Our Menu Writer tool allows you to custom-build your own menu templates. Once you build a menu, recipes can be added which can be scaled up or down. These portions (called “Amount Prepped” in this example) will be the factor that determines costing for each individual recipe (row) or the entire menu.

In the example picture above, this user created a menu called the “KITCHEN MENU” and entered the recipes for this menu for Monday Mornings. You can customize the menu template (field names, field positions, label headers, etc.) and the recipes that are included in the menus. The end user, generally the Chef, will use the menu you designed to adjust the recipes and amount prepped for the day. Total pan sizes as well as costs are tracked.

This kind of detailed cost tracking capability allows the users to track how well a specific menu or recipe is doing. Reports can be printed to show this detail in any format (pie charts, etc.) and the data can be sent to any accounting software for further analysis!

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