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Recipe Manager is a fantastic product. It has helped our business track detailed cost and nutrition information better than our previously used program. In addition it has greatly enhanced our ability to quickly distribute detailed recipe information to all of our restaurants! Patrick Prudhomme, VP

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Food Production Control Features

Peanut Butter Disaster
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If you produce ANY form of food product, you need lot tracking. You need to control what your vendors send you and what you manufacture and send to your customers. Recipe Manager Enterprise is bundled with advanced manufacturing functions that track food ingredients at ALL levels that go into your product. It will also track everything produced and packaged for distribution on down to your vendor ingredients! Click here for pricing.

Costing features

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More Info on Food Costing Features
Tracking exact cost from end products to raw materials is always a challenging endeavor for the fast-paced food service industry. Despite its importance of food costing, we find many restaurant managers do not calculate food cost correctly, or if they do, they do not fully understand the process. To be useful, food cost percentages must be determined accurately. However, highly accurate food cost control on all levels(recipe costing, menu costing, and food costing) is a specialty of Recipe Manager.Read more about Food Costing»

Food Inventory control features

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More Info on Inventory Control Features
Recipe Manager handles food inventory (par) levels based on information either obtained from an interface to a sales (Point-of-Sale) system or by manually entering product sold. When your food inventory falls below set levels, you can configure Recipe Manager to automatically generate a purchase order. Recipe Manager food inventory control features can be configured to launch an external purchasing program for the generation of new orders.Read more »

Purchasing/Ordering features

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More Info on Purchasing/Ordering Features
A very time consuming task for restaurant management is the task of handling reorders of ingredients. A adjust-in-time method of ordering product is key to ensure a proper inventory to meet demand and a low level of spoilage. The quicker the turn-around time of orders, the less guess work your management staff has to do to forecast sales demand. Read more »

Nutritional Analysis features

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More Info on Nutritional Analysis Features
One of the most powerful and popular functions of Recipe Manager is its strict control of nutritional data. The system comes bundled with a database of FDA/USDA standard unit conversion formulas. When you enter your ingredients (or place orders) in specific units, Recipe Manager knows how to convert these units into the proper nutrition label units (generally in grams or milligrams). Read more »

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Let our business experts give you a free demonstration on how Recipe Manager can fulfill business requirements and how Recipe Manager can save you money. We will show you why our customers say that our software is the most efficient, flexible and easiest to use food software on the market. Click here »

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